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We help you keep track of your health

Oxygen Level
Blood Pressure
Heart Rate
Breathing Rate

Who are we?

Welcome to Salyx Medical—MedTech innovators redefining health management. Our Smart Patient-Monitoring Solution, driven by the Salyx Device, connects individuals, healthcare professionals, and loved ones in real-time.

Why Salyx Medical?



Bulky with multiple cables, compromising portability
Unintrusive portable design, small and compact
Typically designed for single-day use, necessitating frequent replacements
Device lifespan is prolonged, our design
Primarily concentrates on tracking a singular vital sign
Monitors five key health indicators for comprehensive insights

Unlock a world of personalized  health insights

The Salyx Device seamlessly syncs with our app, transforming raw data into a visual marvel for your well-being.

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Welcome to a smarter way of monitoring your

With just a few taps, you can effortlessly view your vitals, providing a continuous, real-time snapshot of your well-being.

Connecting Care providers with patient information

Our solution offers a seamless bridge that empowers healthcare professionals to access vital patient information securely and efficiently.

A vigilant health companion

You and your healthcare team are promptly alerted, allowing for timely intervention and peace of mind. With us your health is our top priority

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Our mission is to enhance senior's quality of life

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Uncover the future of healthcare with Salyx Medical!

Dive into how our revolutionary product transforms patient care for health professionals.

Driving innovation through collaboration

Get to know the fantastic folks behind the scenes


Co-Founder, Research and Development lead. Sergio oversees the company's Tech Transfer, the Engineering areas of the company, and the R&D team.

Mario is our CTO with more than 10 years of combined experience in biomedical research, manufacturing, and software development.

Electronic Prototype Engineer

Duncan is creating a working prototype for Salyx and has experience working at Catalyst Paper and Patriot Electric Ltd.

Andriod Mobile App Developer

Android Full Stack Developer, skilled in C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and Git, with a Computer Science and Mathematics background from UBC


Serial entrepreneur. Self-made inventor, investor, and researcher with 33 years of experience.

Artificial Intelligence Developer

Alireza, a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Simon Fraser University, has AI and product management experience at i-cliqq. His work involves image processing, skeletal detection, and polygons

Mechanical Engineer

Xander is working on an electrical prototype for our Vitals Monitoring device. He studies electrical engineering at UVIC.

Biomechanical Engineer

Kiana is an undergraduate student at UVic studying biomedical engineering in the mechanical stream. She is currently assisting with biomedical research and development.

Full Stack Developer

Shubham is a Full Stack Developer working on our web and mobile apps. He studies Computer Science and Business at SFU.


Ana is a interaction designer focusing on the user experience and visual design of our health monitoring solutions. She is soon to be graduate of Emily Carr University.

iOS Mobile App Developer

Ning is an iOS Mobile App Developer with a background in Computing Science and Chemical Engineering, including work at Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Electronic Prototype Engineer

Electronic Prototype Engineer with a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Victoria. Proficient in PCB design (Altium Designer 19), 3D modeling (Solidworks 19), and programming (C, C++, CAPL, Python).

business development

Elaine A. De la Cruz is a Quality Assurance Specialist with expertise in supplier management, process improvement, audits, CAPA investigations, and ISO compliance.

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